Why are LED Outdoor Lights Better?

You may have noticed the increasing number of light displays across the Houston area that feature LED outdoor lights instead of traditional incandescent bulbs. This is especially true when looking at many of the landscape lighting displays that are present in people’s yards.

Why are so many people switching to LED outdoor lights?

  • They’re more energy-efficient. With regular incandescent bulbs, up to 98% of the energy can be lost as heat instead of being used to provide illumination. The superior efficiency of LED lights translates into a reduction in energy costs of as much as 90% in some cases.
  • They last longer. Because LED lights are more efficient, the bulbs will burn substantially longer than their incandescent counterparts. In fact, LED bulbs often come with a guarantee of up to five years.
  • They’re more durable. Regular incandescent lights utilize a filament which can break in certain weather conditions, causing the bulb to burn out prematurely. LED lights have no filaments that can malfunction – and they are also more resistant to heat and cold than incandescent bulbs are.
  • They’re easier on the environment. Incandescent bulbs have small amounts of mercury, which is toxic to plants, animals, and humans. Since LED lights do not contain mercury, they are considerably more eco-friendly.

No Fuss Lights uses LED lights that are just as aesthetically-pleasing as incandescent bulbs, but will remain lit longer without expending as much energy. So for energy-efficient, sturdy outdoor lighting that’s environmentally responsible, your only choice is No Fuss Lights. Be sure to call No Fuss Lights at 281-809-7021 to handle your next holiday display or outdoor event!