Why No Fuss Lights?

There are hundreds of people and businesses available that install Christmas lights. So why should you choose No Fuss Lights?

  • Value & Convenience
  • Quality
  • Professionalism
  • Safety
  • Continued Relationships

Value & Convenience

In most cases renting lights is much easier & cheaper than buying them! As a leasing customer you have a guarantee that you have complete custom installation, worry-free maintenance, and proper removal of your display. As owners of the lights, No Fuss Lights has a vested interest in how your lights are treated.  We store and maintain your lights throughout the year so you have many trouble-free holidays for years to come.


Retail incandescent Christmas light bulbs last a maximum of 2 to 3 years and really take a beating year to year. No Fuss Lights only uses our own high grade commercial Christmas lights to ensure optimal performance. This alleviates any questions or issues such as strand burn out often encountered with pre-owned lights. By using the materials provided by No Fuss Lights we can guarantee and stand behind the performance of the materials and provide you with a trouble free Christmas.

Some of our tricks of the trade are:

  • Commercial grade light clips that fit your roof or gutters without causing damage.
  • We only use commercial quality materials.
  • We use custom fitted strings and commercial grade connections, no more tossing the left over cord in the bushes!
  • Our displays are the cleanest in the industry.
  • It’s our goal to match existing coloring schemes and conceal cords and installation materials, so the display complements your home.


We are lighting professionals. not some fly-by-night band of part-timers.  As such, we arrive at your house as professionals first and foremost, ready to do a proper job and treat you and your home like a valued client. However, once we leave, we don’t leave you in the dark.  If you have problems after an installation, such as equipment failure or weather damage – we promise to stand by our work and do what it takes to make you happy, in most cases, within 24 hours at no cost to you.  Even in the case of non-covered incidents such as vandalism, we’ll work with you to find an equitable solution that won’t ruin your Christmas.


Believe it or not there is a science to hanging Christmas lights correctly. You are working with electricity and its inherent risks. One of the largest mistakes we see as a company by both customers and other installers is plugging in the correct number of light sets as directed on the box and then using an indoor lamp cord with a 3 way splitter to plug them into the power source. 9 times out of 10 this leaves at least one female socket exposed to the elements and causes electrical shorts throughout the season.

Continued Relationships

We strive to be your Christmas light solution on a yearly basis, not just a one-shot job. Once this year is done, each custom-fit light strand is labeled for your home and stored by us ready to be used again next year.  Each year we check the lights for functionality and repair any damage or burned out bulbs we find, at no cost to you. Other benefits for returning customers includes:

  • No Storage fees!
  • 15-25% discount in renewing years!
  • Priority Booking- Book one year in advance and pay nothing to reserve your date!

Give us a call at 281.809.7021 for a design consultation and pricing options for professional Christmas light installation.