Ten Things You Can Do Instead of Putting Up Christmas Lights

Do you really have the time or the inclination to struggle with ladders, bulbs, extension cords, and light strands this holiday season? Then why put yourself through all of that stress?

Here are ten things you could be doing instead:

1. Watch football, baseball, or hockey on TV. Face it – that’s how you really want to spend your weekend, right?

2. Binge watch. You know that TV series that debuted this fall that everyone raved about but you didn’t have time to watch? Go to your favorite on-demand service and watch all of the episodes all at once.

3. Winterize your car. Make sure it’s got enough antifreeze in it, and check the tires to make sure they’re properly inflated. You’ll need your vehicle to be in tiptop shape for those holiday errands and road trips.

4. Winterize your home. Check you smoke detectors, inspect your gas heaters, and wrap your pipes. It may not be super-fun, but it’s better than trying to check Christmas light bulbs to see which one on the strand isn’t working.

5. Do a crossword puzzle (or Sudoku). No matter the difficulty level, it’ll be easier than trying to unravel the Gordian-knotted Christmas lights that have been sitting in the attic for ten months.

6. Go outside and stroll/jog/walk the dog. It’s good exercise, it gets you outdoors, and you can chuckle each time you hear a neighbor curse while putting up his Christmas lights.

7. Spend time with your kids. You’ll have a lot more fun with them than you would if your leg is in a cast after falling off a ladder while hanging your Christmas lights.

8. Get started on your Christmas shopping early. Unless you enjoy searching for parking spaces and battling crowds at the mall because you waited til the last minute.

9. Go to a holiday show. That’ll get you in the Christmas spirit much quicker than hanging Christmas lights will.

10. Sleep. No explanation needed.

Instead of hanging the lights yourself, call the professionals at No Fuss Lights to handle the task for you. They’ll take care of all of the decorating, make your home the envy of the neighborhood, and take it all down after the holiday season is over.

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