No Fuss Lights Wishes You a Happy Thanksgiving!

No Fuss Lights wants to take this opportunity to wish you and yours a happy and memorable Thanksgiving holiday weekend. With all of the turmoil caused by Hurricane Harvey this year, many Houston-area families will pause to count their blessings and enjoy their time with family and friends.

If your Thanksgiving Day celebration was anything like ours, it primarily revolved around food, family, and football. It was also the biggest diet “cheat day” of the year as people filled their plates with as much turkey, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, and other goodies as their stomach could handle. (And then went back for seconds!) Once the meal was over, everyone sprawled in front of the television to watch football and enjoy the tryptophan-induced haze together with their loved ones.

As you relax during your long weekend, we propose that you spare a thought for Christmas lights.

Seriously? you ask. At this moment, I don’t have the inner strength to think about all the untangling, testing, and hanging that comes with putting up Christmas lights on my home.

That’s exactly our point.

This year, why don’t you let No Fuss Lights take care of all that for you? We’ll decorate your home with beautiful, durable LED Christmas lights. And once the holidays are over, we’ll even come back and take them all down and haul them away. You won’t even have to think about stepping on a ladder at all.

Sounds enticing, doesn’t it?

Just call No Fuss Lights at 281-809-7021 for a free estimate. We’ll take this task “off your plate” this year so you can spend more time enjoying the holidays with your family and friends. After all the hard work and stress you’ve endured so far this year, you’ve earned it!