LED Christmas Lights Are More Efficient – And Safer, Too!

You may have heard about some of the advantages of using LED bulbs for your Christmas lights instead of the standard incandescent bulbs. For starters, LED Christmas lights are more durable and versatile than their incandescent counterparts. But the biggest advantage to LED lights is their efficiency – which also makes you and your family safer.

That’s because while an incandescent string of holiday lights can emit 20 watts (or more) of heat, a similar strand of LED lights puts out only five watts of heat. Obviously, this means that a Christmas display made up of LED lights will be more efficient and use less electricity than the incandescent lighting displays of years past.


But using LED lights for your holiday decorating needs also helps protect your family – especially the little ones in your home. If you’ve ever touched an incandescent bulb, you know how hot it can get. So if these bulbs were to make contact with the tender skin of a child, he or she could suffer a painful burn. Even if it isn’t severe enough to require medical attention, such a burn would make any little one miserable.

In contrast, children won’t be harmed by touching LED lights because the bulbs aren’t very hot to the touch. That means you can feel better about placing more Christmas lights in and around you home in areas which may be¬†within a child’s reach – like on a lawn decoration, Christmas tree, or a strand of lights that frames a door or window.


No Fuss Lights uses only high-quality LED lights in all of their holiday lighting displays. This helps all homeowners minimize their environmental impact, power usage, and risk of harm to their children.

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