Getting a No Fuss Lights Quote Over the Telephone is… Well, “No Fuss!”

You’ve all heard about the “magic of the holidays?” Well, No Fuss Lights can perform some “magic” of our own… by providing you with a price quote over the phone without having to see your property!

OK, it’s not exactly “magic.” No Fuss Lights simply takes down information about your home or commercial property, enters the data into its design software, and presto! A basic estimate is provided for you.

An actual photo of a No Fuss Lights associate providing a free estimate over the phone.

Because No Fuss Lights has plenty of experience installing Christmas lights for many different types of properties, it can utilize the “Measurements” feature of Google Maps to compute the approximate area of your property. Plus, if you provide the square footage of your home or building along with the number of stories, No Fuss Lights can determine approximately how many feet of lights it will take to outline your structure. Once we add in any extras you might like (such as wreaths, garlands, or illuminated yard art), we can tally up the costs and give you our pricing estimate within minutes.

Of course, No Fuss Lights loves to send one of our designers to your home or business to meet with you face to face and provide you with an on-the-spot estimate. But we understand that many people are extremely busy during October and the holiday season. So we’re also happy to calculate your pricing estimate over the phone, set up an appointment for us to install your lights, and then decorate your residential or commercial property with high-quality, beautiful LED lights.

To receive a price quote over the phone OR to set up an in-person appointment with a designer, call No Fuss Lights at 281-809-7021 today. But hurry! Our schedule is starting to fill up, and before you know it, all of our openings could vanish into thin air – much like magic!