Four Weeks ‘Til Christmas! Time to Call No Fuss Lights

Guess what, Houston? Thanksgiving has come and gone, and the Christmas season is officially upon us. In fact, today is the “four weeks to go” mark before December 25 arrives.

Put another way, it’s officially the “You can’t put it off any longer” season.

Plenty of people love to procrastinate when it comes to Christmas, but with trees going up and holiday music playing everywhere, there’s no denying that the yuletide clock is ticking. That means if you haven’t begun looking for gifts, planning holiday trips, or finalizing your Christmas card list, then you’d better get started pronto!

Yes, that means putting up Christmas lights and decorations around your home or business. But here’s a little good news: No Fuss Lights can take care of all that for you – if you call us right away!

After all, No Fuss Lights is more than halfway through our light installation season, and our appointment book is getting close to capacity. But we still have a few slots left for people who have put off calling us.

We’ll come to your home and give you a free estimate, and we’ll set up an installation date. Then we’ll come back and decorate your home, yard, and property with durable, festive LED lights. And once Christmas 2017 is in your rearview mirror, we’ll return and take everything down for you.

But partnering with No Fuss Lights isn’t like Christmas shopping – you can’t put it off until a day or two before Christmas Day. So give us a call right now at 281-809-7021 to get on our calendar. Then you can cross “hanging Christmas lights” off your holiday to-do list and have more time to tend to those (last-minute?) Christmastime tasks!

We’ll even decorate your palm tree if you want!