Do Your Christmas Lights Short Out?

Do you have problems every year with your exterior Christmas lights shorting out? Have you ever found yourself dreading the moment that your turn into your driveway every evening – because you know you’re likely to discover another shorted-out strand of lights?

Then of course, you have to examine the plugs, inspect the fuses, check the breakers, and try to figure out where the problem is. You might even have to crawl around on the roof in the dark. By the time you’re finished, half of your evening is gone and you’re likely to be cold and tired.

We’ve found that one of the most common causes of Christmas lights shorting out is the improper use of an indoor lamp cord with a three-way splitter on the exterior of the house. Usually, this setup leaves at least one female socket exposed to the weather and elements – which can cause all of the lights connected to that power source to short out.

So use outdoor cords and splitters and cover unused sockets – and you may just get a little peace on Earth for yourself this holiday season!