Yes, Virginia – Some People Actually Hate Christmas Lights

We at No Fuss Lights couldn’t fathom why some people don’t really care for Christmas lights. They’re beautiful, festive, and smile-inducing – so what’s not to like?

Then we did a little research and found out why some folks do indeed hate holiday lights. Here are some of the main reasons:

  • After working so hard to put them up, half of them come down the next time the wind blows.
  • Neighborhood cats like them a little too much – and claw them loose from the roof or trees.
  • The lights work perfectly while on the ground, but go out once they’re hung up.
  • Light strands seem to go out and then come on again with no explanation.
  • People hate untangling Christmas light strands every holiday season.
  • Broken bulbs are a common occurrence, and no one likes picking pieces of glass out of their lawn.
  • People climb up their ladders only to discover they don’t have enough light clips.
  • People climb up their ladders and hang up their lights only to discover that the strands don’t reach the end of their roofline.
  • The lights are hung perfectly – and then a fuse burns out, which leads to another trip to the hardware store.
  • When one bulb goes out on a strand, THEY ALL GO OUT!!!

OK, we get it now. But No Fuss Lights can help with that.

We’ll bring our own high-quality LED lights to your home, take care of all the decorating that needs to be done, and then come back after the holidays to remove all the lights for you. Plus, if a bulb burns out or a strand comes loose during the holiday season, we’ll come back to remedy the problem – usually within a day.

Call No Fuss Lights today at 281-809-7021 (or fill out this form) for a free estimate. Because you deserve a little less holiday stress and a little more Christmas joy this year!

Image credit: Cameron Russell/Flickr