When Your Christmas Lights Go Out

Imagine this: it’s a Tuesday in December, and you arrive home from work to notice a few Christmas lights burned out on the roof of your house. You rummage around for a replacement bulb but fail to find one – or maybe you have to rush out to a Christmas show put on by your kids. Then you forget to buy spare bulbs on Wednesday when you’re forced to work late, you have to do some Christmas shopping on Thursday evening, and on Friday night your attendance is expected at the office Christmas party. Saturday is shot because of all the shopping and other holiday errands you have to run, so you have to give up watching football on Sunday just to get on the roof and replace those bulbs!

Here’s some good news: if you call No Fuss Lights to put up your Christmas display, you don’t have to stress about burned-out bulbs. Because if you notice any lights that aren’t working for any reason, No Fuss Lights will come to your home to fix the problem within 24 hours. That’s their promise to you.

We all could use a little more time during the holidays. So let No Fuss Lights handle your Christmas light display while you turn your attention to more important pursuits – like Sunday football!