No Fuss “More Than Just” Lights

If you’re pondering the idea of professionally-installed outdoor lights for your Christmas display this year, you might question the value of a company that only provides lights. But you would be incorrect to assume that No Fuss Lights is nothing more than a company who hangs Christmas lights.

In reality, No Fuss Lights is more than just a basic holiday illumination company. We also provide:

  • Installation – so you don’t have to get up on the ladder to hang the lights yourself
  • Removal – so your lights don’t stay up til Memorial Day
  • Wreaths – for your front door or windows
  • Bows – for lampposts, doors, and columns
  • Garlands for trees, bushes, and balconies
  • Lawn ornaments – to add a unique touch to your holiday display
  • Mini-trees – that can be erected in yards or flowerbeds
  • Timers – to turn your lights on and off at certain times, or to allow them to flicker and twinkle continuously
  • LED bulbs – which use a fraction of the electricity that incandescent bulbs do
  • Storage – so you don’t have to find room in your home to store all of these items for ten or eleven months

So you see, No Fuss Lights provides so much more than our name implies. Unfortunately, we determined that it would be cumbersome to name our company NoFussLightsInstallationRemovalWreathsBowsGarlandsLawnornamentsMiniTreesTimersLEDBulbsStorage

To find out how No Fuss Lights can simplify your holiday season while creating a holiday display that will turn heads and light up the neighborhood, call us at 281-809-7021 today. Or drop us an email at