No Fuss Lights Means No Extra Power Outlets

One of the most frustrating things about making a major purchase is discovering that you need to buy something else in order to make it work properly. Like needing a specific adaptor for a new piece of stereo equipment, or a new set-top box or cable so you can actually watch programs on your television.

Unfortunately, there’s something similar that happens in the Christmas lights installation industry, and it involves extra AC outlets.

It’s not unheard of for a company to come to a home, charge a bunch of money to hang Christmas lights, and then tell the homeowners that they need additional outdoor plugs so that all of the holiday lights can be plugged in without overloading their electrical system. These new outlets sometimes cost $100 or more apiece, and there’s no guarantee that the homeowners will ever use them again except for holiday lighting. (There have also been a few horror stories about improperly-installed electrical outlets which have caused homeowners to deal with building code compliance issues later on.)

Does this sound like a shady practice to you? We at No Fuss Lights think so. Which is why we will NEVER ask you to purchase extra power outlets as part of our service.

Not only do we think this practice is abhorrent, but there simply isn’t any need for us to add any new plugs in order for our Christmas light displays to be fully illuminated. That’s because No Fuss Lights uses LED lights, which consume a fraction of the power that regular incandescent lights do. As a result, we can literally take dozens of strands of lights, connect them end-to-end, and plug the entire sequence into a single power outlet (as opposed to a maximum of four or five incandescent strands of lights).

So don’t get swindled by companies who insist that you buy extra electrical plugs. Let No Fuss Lights decorate your home with beautiful, energy-efficient LED lights and power them using your existing electrical outlets. Call No Fuss Lights today at 281.809.7021 or fill out this contact form for more information.

Image credit: No Fuss Lights
Image credit: No Fuss Lights