No Fuss Lights is Also Houston’s Commercial Christmas Lighting Solution!

You probably know that No Fuss Lights is the premier residential Christmas lights installer in the Houston area. But are you aware that we can also provide the same level of quality and customer service to commercial properties as well?

So why not have No Fuss Lights decorate your business, storefront, warehouse, or similar facility this holiday season? Displaying beautiful Christmas lights will help put shoppers and customers in a more festive mood (which will hopefully translate into more holiday season sales for you!); and it also demonstrates that your business is part of the community, and that you support all of the same values and traditions that are cherished and celebrated during the Christmas season.


If you have decorated your commercial property yourself in years past (or had some of your employees do it for you), you know there’s always a concern that someone could fall and get hurt while hanging
Christmas lights, which can lead to pain, hefty medical bills, and perhaps even workers’ compensation claims – none of which are welcome during a busy holiday season. Partnering with No Fuss Lights takes the worry and the hassle off of your hands (not to mention the liability).


As with our residential customers, No Fuss Lights will come to your location and provide you with a free estimate. Then we will decorate your property with beautiful, energy-efficient LED lights which won’t wreak havoc on your electricity bill – and then when the holidays are over, No Fuss Lights will take down all of the lights and remove them from your property.

To set up an appointment, fill out this contact form or call No Fuss Lights today at 281-809-7021. Let us decorate your business for the holiday season – with “no fuss!”