LED Retrofits For Outdoor Lighting is Green

Green is a very good color for homeowners, residential complexes, and businesses.

They try to do all they can to save some “greenbacks;” but they also want to help out the environment as well. Here’s the good news: retrofitting your outdoor or landscape lighting fixtures with LED lamps and bulbs can help you achieve both of those “green” goals.

LED lights are much more eco-friendly than their halogen counterparts. That’s because each LED bulb is extremely energy-efficient, requiring a smaller amount of energy than halogen bulbs to produce the same level of illumination. As a result, LED bulbs generate much less ambient heat than halogen products do. Typically, LED lamps are more rugged and resistant to extreme weather than most fragile, easily breakable halogen lamps. Finally, LED bulbs usually last at least 50,000 hours – or about twenty times as long as a standard halogen bulb.

This energy efficiency translates into monetary savings for those who use them. For starters, the energy costs associated with LED lights tend to be about 1/4 (or less) what property owners pay to keep their halogen lamps lit. Those cost reductions alone are enough to recoup the expenditures of an LED retrofit in a relatively short period of time. Plus, commercial properties and residential complexes will be able to allocate fewer maintenance hours toward bulb replacement and similar lighting-related tasks.

So if you want your outdoor or landscape lighting to be greener, give No Fuss Lights a call today at (281) 809-7021. They can set you up with a free, no-obligation quote on retrofitting your existing halogen bulb system with LED bulbs and lamps.