How No Fuss Lights Prices Your Christmas Light Display Installation

We understand how busy the holiday season can be for our clients. Our full service Christmas light and decoration rental program makes seasonal decorating truly no Fuss for our clients.

After years of talking to our customers about their past Christmas Light experiences, we have found that the majority of our clients wasted valuable time either digging out old damaged decorations or testing lights so that the “Installer” could hang their lights. Many of our customers risked life and limb to do it themselves, thus wasting an entire weekend and possibly making frequent trips to fight holiday crowds at Home Depot.

These scenarios are typical of our customers’ past experiences with so-called “professional” installers:

  1. After purchasing commercial lights provided by the installer, their displays were never installed correctly. (some were even circuit breakers, extra outlets, and fancy timer systems that never worked right!)
  2. The installer stored the lights for the customer and went out of business – and is nowhere to be found!
  3. The installer did a great job hanging the lights… but never came and took them down.

By joining the decorating rental program, you never have to purchase Christmas lights again. You’re guaranteed to never have to fix a broken bulb, replace a faded bow or wreath, or even set foot on a ladder. No Fuss Lights brings our materials to your home each year, and guarantees that your display will continue working year after year (while offering discounts for renewing years!).

In addition, our program does not require a long term commitment. is so confident that we will earn your returning business by providing such a high quality display that there is no need for a long term commitment. We offer all customers a written quote in year 1 that not only outlines the details of the lighting display, but also provides you with a quote for reinstalling the same display in future years at a renewal discount. cares about your display and wants to provide assurances that you get what you pay for. That’s why we structure our rental program in a manner that is beneficial to our customers. Our customers receive a free display design and budget consultation; and once we put together a design that fits your needs, we require a 75% deposit to book your install date. The other 25% of the balance is due after the removal your display. We have found that clients like the fact that the remaining balance holds accountable for the quality of the install, and ensures that we will come and remove the lights in a timely and professional manner.

But you may be wondering: how does price its installation projects?

An experienced No Fuss Lights designer works with you to determine your holiday lighting and decorating needs, and helps you determine a reasonable budget for your display. We work with all the latest trends and commercial quality materials, and provide our clients with pricing calculated on a rate per linear foot of lights for your property. We can either have a designer meet you at your home to measure and provide you with a design, or we can provide you with a rough estimate based on pictures that you can email to No Fuss Lights at

It’s our goal to provide the best displays available at a reasonable price. We offer several different pricing discounts that will help you when creating your display budget-

  • If you choose to have your lights put up before the holiday season arrives, you can qualify for an early install discount. We can install all non-intrusive decorations in early to mid November, and then return after Thanksgiving to hang wreathes, bows, and other items.
  • If you refer another customer to No Fuss Lights, we will also give you a referral discount on your installation as well.
  • And every time you renew your lighting display for the following holiday season, you will receive a 15% discount off of your original installation rate. This loyalty discount remains in effect even if you move to another home during the calendar year.*

There may be other discounts for which you may be eligible, so call No Fuss Lights at 281-809-7021 to find out more information!

*-The loyalty discount would be calculated on a linear-foot basis at the new location.