How Early is Too Early For Hanging Christmas Lights?

This time of year, you hear this complaint all the time: “It’s too early to be thinking about Christmas!”

These Grinchy grumblers do have a point: America hasn’t even celebrated Halloween and Thanksgiving yet, and people are already starting to see signs of Christmas. So why focus on a holiday that’s still several weeks away?

From a retailer standpoint, the answer is easy: to increase profits. Stores start advertising and decorating for Christmas in October and November in the hopes that consumers will get into the holiday spirit early and spend more money.

There’s some merit to these motives: a National Retail Federation survey released in 2015 indicates that two out of every five Americans begin their Christmas shopping early – before Halloween! And a survey reveals that 14% admit to shopping for holiday gifts in September.

What about hanging outdoor Christmas lights? When is it appropriate to hang them up?
TwoodhouseOn this point, opinions vary widely.  A poll conducted by TellWut in 2013 shows that about 28% of people wait til December to put up their holiday lights, while roughly the same number think it’s OK to hang them up earlier than that.

The saddest part of that poll? More than 1/3 chose “I don’t” hang Christmas lights at all.

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