Have Yourself a Merry Little ‘Accident-Free’ Christmas with No Fuss Lights!

There’s never a good time to suffer an injury; but it’s especially inconvenient during the holidays. That’s because your discomfort, pain, and/or restricted mobility are likely to impact your holiday activities and reduce your level of enjoyment during this magical season.

Some common types of accidents this time of year involve decorating your home or hanging up outdoor Christmas lights. A pair of studies performed by a Canadian hospital reveals some depressing statistics. Over the last decade, almost a thousand people have checked into Foothills Medical Centre in Calgary for Christmas-lights related injuries. And about 40 of these individuals had injuries at the top of the severity scale – including some who required nursing home care, others who went on life support, and even two who eventually died.

It’s true that Houstonians don’t have to deal with snow, ice, and other harsh winter conditions like many Canadians do when hanging their Christmas lights. However, the area’s relatively-temperate climate may lull some homeowners into a false sense of security when hanging lights or decorating – which can also prove to be dangerous.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that more than ten thousand people in the U.S. visit emergency rooms due to mishaps from holiday decorating. ER docs report injuries ranging from fractured arm and leg bones to broken hips and necks. Some people even think it’s a good idea to enjoy some holiday “spirits” before getting up on a ladder to decorate – and often, the results are predictably bad.

One near-foolproof way to avoid holiday accidents is to entrust No Fuss Lights to not only hang your outdoor Christmas lights, but also to decorate other parts of your home and property with wreaths, bows, lighted figures, and other holiday accouterments. So make your holiday season healthy as well as happy by calling No Fuss Lights today at 281-809-7021 or filling out this form to make an appointment with their decorating specialists.

Because after all, there are few things more depressing than having people sign your cast at a holiday party.