Cross ‘Hanging Christmas Lights’ Off of Your To-Do List With No Fuss Lights

Now that “Turkey Day” is behind us, the Christmas season has officially arrived! No longer can you trot out the “I’m not thinking about Christmas until Thanksgiving is over” excuse to avoid tackling those holiday tasks.

If you’ve already made a “To-Do List” for the yuletide season, it might look like this:

  • Buy (or retrieve from storage) a Christmas tree
  • Get out all of the holiday decorations
  • Start your holiday baking
  • Find out what your loved ones want for Christmas
  • Go shopping for Christmas gifts
  • Go shopping again for Christmas gifts because the first stores you visited didn’t have the right gifts
  • Trim your Christmas tree
  • Decorate your home
  • Buy Christmas cards
  • Complete and send out Christmas cards to everyone you know
  • Donate food, toys, and/or money to holiday charities
  • Finish your holiday baking
  • Run back out to the mall for those last minute Christmas gifts that you forgot
  • Collapse on the sofa¬†(and try not to snarl at the first person who says “Merry Christmas!” to you)

Wow. That’s a long list.

Notice what isn’t on it? Hanging your Christmas lights on your house and in your yard. Know why? Because No Fuss Lights can take care of that for you!

The people at No Fuss Lights will come out to your home, provide you with a price quote, install all of your holiday lights, provide exterior and interior Christmas decorations if needed, make sure they keep working properly throughout the holidays, and then take it all down and remove them from your property after Christmas has gone.

So if you want to cross “Christmas light installation” off of your to-do list, just call No Fuss Lights today at 281-809-7021 or fill out this form. Sure, it may not make your holiday season completely stress-free, but every little bit helps, right?