Landscape Lighting: Tips and Ideas

Take a look at your front and back yards. Go ahead. We’ll wait.

They’re pretty nice, right? Do you know how you can improve their appearance even more? With some well-placed landscape lighting.

Maybe you’ve never thought about illuminating your property beyond your front and back door. You may not even know where you would start if you had to place light fixtures in your yard. No worries – No Fuss Lights has some suggestions to kickstart your imagination.

  • Think about the three outdoor lighting layers: overhead, task, and ambient. Overhead is the primary illumination so you can see the actual space (and where you’re going). Task is for discrete spots like barbecues, seating areas, outdoor bars, and other places where you may need additional light to perform a specific function. And ambient is designed to add the overall aesthetically-pleasing glow to any space.
  • Envision “outdoor rooms.” With walls inside a home, space separation for lighting purposes takes care of itself. But outside, try to picture where people may congregate (or where you might want to spend time alone, like by a pond or in a garden) and configure your lights to illuminate that space.
  • Use “hooded” lights. In many instances, simply placing a light can produce unwanted glare from one or more angles. That’s why certain types of landscape lighting (especially for paths and walkways) use “hooded” lights, which direct all of the brightness downward onto the ground.
  • Decorate for an “inside view.” When you’re not outdoors enjoying your landscape lighting, you may want to sit by your window and admire your illuminated yard. Keep that in mind when placing and setting up outdoor lights.

The experienced professionals at No Fuss Lights have lots of great ideas on how to make your outdoor space even brighter and more spectacular. Give them a call today at 281-809-7021 and a lighting specialist will come to your home – so you can pick his brain and get a free estimate for landscape lighting in your yard.

The Safety and Security of Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting for your home can be both beautiful and practical. Certainly, installing various types of lights can better illuminate the plants, trees, flowers, lawn ornaments, and seating areas in your front or back yard; thereby making the entire area more attractive. But the presence of landscape lighting can also keep your family and guests safer and more secure.

The more exterior light you have around your home, the harder it is for a thief or other intruder to enter your property unseen. A well-lit yard means fewer hiding spots for would-be burglars or trespassers, especially in areas near windows and doors. This means added peace of mind for the people who live in or are visiting your home.

Also, landscape lighting improves the safety of everyone who is walking on the property at night. After all, the average home exterior is fraught with plenty of dangers like steps, stairs, cement cracks, uneven ground, and other tripping hazards. But outdoor illumination helps people see where they are going and avoid falling or bumping into other objects.

Because exterior lights boost safety and security, outdoor spaces can be used to entertain throughout the night (and early morning, if you prefer!). You needn’t retreat indoors to have a relaxing conversation in a well-lit atmosphere, and your guests won’t worry about unsafe conditions – or unscrupulous interlopers.

No Fuss Lights provides all types of landscape lighting for any size home or business. So if you are looking for a way to improve both the appearance and the security of your property, call No Fuss Lights today at 281-809-7021 to speak with a landscape lighting professional. You’ll love the results!

LED Retrofits For Outdoor Lighting is Green

Green is a very good color for homeowners, residential complexes, and businesses.

They try to do all they can to save some “greenbacks;” but they also want to help out the environment as well. Here’s the good news: retrofitting your outdoor or landscape lighting fixtures with LED lamps and bulbs can help you achieve both of those “green” goals.

LED lights are much more eco-friendly than their halogen counterparts. That’s because each LED bulb is extremely energy-efficient, requiring a smaller amount of energy than halogen bulbs to produce the same level of illumination. As a result, LED bulbs generate much less ambient heat than halogen products do. Typically, LED lamps are more rugged and resistant to extreme weather than most fragile, easily breakable halogen lamps. Finally, LED bulbs usually last at least 50,000 hours – or about twenty times as long as a standard halogen bulb.

This energy efficiency translates into monetary savings for those who use them. For starters, the energy costs associated with LED lights tend to be about 1/4 (or less) what property owners pay to keep their halogen lamps lit. Those cost reductions alone are enough to recoup the expenditures of an LED retrofit in a relatively short period of time. Plus, commercial properties and residential complexes will be able to allocate fewer maintenance hours toward bulb replacement and similar lighting-related tasks.

So if you want your outdoor or landscape lighting to be greener, give No Fuss Lights a call today at (281) 809-7021. They can set you up with a free, no-obligation quote on retrofitting your existing halogen bulb system with LED bulbs and lamps.

Need Lights For Your Landscaping? No Fuss Lights Can Help!

If you have a green thumb, there’s a good chance that you have spent countless hours and/or a significant amount of money to create your ideal outdoor space. Whether your landscaping consists of bushes, trees, and flower beds or incorporates other elements like walls, pavers, rock, and water features, your landscaping reflects your own personal style and tastes.

Unfortunately, your beautiful landscaping may be difficult (or impossible) to see once the sun goes down. The solution? Attractive landscape lighting from No Fuss Lights!

Because we can appreciate the importance of design and detail, No Fuss Lights take a unique approach to every landscape lighting project. We utilize your landscape’s existing architectural strengths and nuances to provide the perfect accents and illumination to enhance the beauty of your property. Whether you have a flair for the dramatic or you prefer a soft, subtle mood, No Fuss Lights has the knowledge and expertise to give you the landscape illumination you want.

No Fuss Lights uses high-quality fixtures and materials which are sturdy and functional as well as aesthetically-pleasing. Our lamps and bulbs are long-lasting and eco-friendly, and our wiring and electrical components meet our stringent safety standards before they are placed in any customer’s yard. Finally, we design our landscape lighting systems so they easy to use, weather-resistant, and service-free.

So if you want your property to be the toast of the neighborhood during both daytime and nighttime hours, consider landscape lighting from No Fuss Lights. Call us now at 281-809-7021 for a free, no-obligation quote!

Landscape Lighting Done Right!

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