No Fuss Lights is Also Houston’s Commercial Christmas Lighting Solution!

You probably know that No Fuss Lights is the premier residential Christmas lights installer in the Houston area. But are you aware that we can also provide the same level of quality and customer service to commercial properties as well?

So why not have No Fuss Lights decorate your business, storefront, warehouse, or similar facility this holiday season? Displaying beautiful Christmas lights will help put shoppers and customers in a more festive mood (which will hopefully translate into more holiday season sales for you!); and it also demonstrates that your business is part of the community, and that you support all of the same values and traditions that are cherished and celebrated during the Christmas season.


If you have decorated your commercial property yourself in years past (or had some of your employees do it for you), you know there’s always a concern that someone could fall and get hurt while hanging
Christmas lights, which can lead to pain, hefty medical bills, and perhaps even workers’ compensation claims – none of which are welcome during a busy holiday season. Partnering with No Fuss Lights takes the worry and the hassle off of your hands (not to mention the liability).


As with our residential customers, No Fuss Lights will come to your location and provide you with a free estimate. Then we will decorate your property with beautiful, energy-efficient LED lights which won’t wreak havoc on your electricity bill – and then when the holidays are over, No Fuss Lights will take down all of the lights and remove them from your property.

To set up an appointment, fill out this contact form or call No Fuss Lights today at 281-809-7021. Let us decorate your business for the holiday season – with “no fuss!”

No Fuss Lights Means No Extra Power Outlets

One of the most frustrating things about making a major purchase is discovering that you need to buy something else in order to make it work properly. Like needing a specific adaptor for a new piece of stereo equipment, or a new set-top box or cable so you can actually watch programs on your television.

Unfortunately, there’s something similar that happens in the Christmas lights installation industry, and it involves extra AC outlets.

It’s not unheard of for a company to come to a home, charge a bunch of money to hang Christmas lights, and then tell the homeowners that they need additional outdoor plugs so that all of the holiday lights can be plugged in without overloading their electrical system. These new outlets sometimes cost $100 or more apiece, and there’s no guarantee that the homeowners will ever use them again except for holiday lighting. (There have also been a few horror stories about improperly-installed electrical outlets which have caused homeowners to deal with building code compliance issues later on.)

Does this sound like a shady practice to you? We at No Fuss Lights think so. Which is why we will NEVER ask you to purchase extra power outlets as part of our service.

Not only do we think this practice is abhorrent, but there simply isn’t any need for us to add any new plugs in order for our Christmas light displays to be fully illuminated. That’s because No Fuss Lights uses LED lights, which consume a fraction of the power that regular incandescent lights do. As a result, we can literally take dozens of strands of lights, connect them end-to-end, and plug the entire sequence into a single power outlet (as opposed to a maximum of four or five incandescent strands of lights).

So don’t get swindled by companies who insist that you buy extra electrical plugs. Let No Fuss Lights decorate your home with beautiful, energy-efficient LED lights and power them using your existing electrical outlets. Call No Fuss Lights today at 281.809.7021 or fill out this contact form for more information.

Image credit: No Fuss Lights
Image credit: No Fuss Lights

Already Own Too Many Christmas Lights? No Fuss Lights Wants to Buy Them From You

Ok, time for a quick lesson in behavioral economics.

There’s a concept known as the “sunk cost fallacy.” It describes the reluctance of consumers or companies to make prudent decisions because of the tendency to factor in the amount of money that has already been spent and cannot be recovered (known in economics as “sunk costs”).

For instance, you would be exhibiting this type of behavior if you chose to continue sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress simply because it’s only a couple years old – even if you are suffering from back problems caused by the mattress. Or you decide to attend that weekend outdoor festival because you already paid for the tickets – even though you know the weather will be rainy, windy, and cold, and you will probably have a miserable time.

Here’s another example: because you already have hundreds or even thousands of Christmas lights that you’ve already purchased (perhaps at a steep price from another Christmas light company) that are taking up space in your garage or attic, you convince yourself to bite the bullet and put up those lights again this season – instead of calling No Fuss Lights to install your holiday lights.

Photo credit: Flickr/frankieleon.
Photo credit: Flickr/frankieleon

Well, guess what? We understand your dilemma. That’s why No Fuss Lights wants to take those old Christmas lights off your hands and buy them from you.

That’s right. If you choose No Fuss Lights to decorate your home this year, our designers will come to your house or business, look over your used Christmas lights, make you an offer for them, and then apply that amount as a discount off of your final invoice. Then No Fuss Lights will haul away your old lights and either donate them to a charity or dispose of them properly.

And here’s the best part: you don’t have to purchase new Christmas lights to replace the ones you are getting rid of. That’s because No Fuss Lights is a holiday lighting rental company – meaning that we don’t make you buy the lights, cords, outlets, or other equipment. In other words, No Fuss Lights will decorate your home beautifully, maintain those lights throughout the holiday season, and then return after Christmas to take down those lights and bring them back to our warehouse.

So don’t let the idea of already-purchased Christmas lights dissuade you from calling No Fuss Lights this year and letting us install your holiday lights. You won’t have to deal with the hassle of unpacking, testing, and hanging Christmas lights, which will free up valuable time (and a little extra storage space!) this holiday season.

Don’t wait! Call No Fuss Lights at (281) 809-7021 or fill out our contact form today. And say goodbye to those unwieldy Christmas lights – and hello to a gorgeously decorated home with “no fuss!”

Photo credit: No Fuss Lights
Photo credit: No Fuss Lights

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